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Content submissions are the most powerful method of strengthening your coaching brand within MyT. It is the way you associate a topic to your MyT profile name, and demonstrate your knowledge by sharing an insight about a concept, method, experience or trend.

Members interested in your topic will be searching articles and videos discussing it, and your content will convince them you’d be someone to coach them or instruct them in a paid training course.

Submit your content using this page. Be sure to review the guidelines published below, as the editors are looking for high quality content that also meets the MyT branding and content policies.

Content Publishing Policy



Career oriented topics, not limited to those in the tags for professionalism, leadership and effectiveness listed in your own MyT coach profile.



Minimum of 1,000 words.



When you link to external articles from 3rd parties, be sure to comply with MyT branding guidelines. Apply your own commentary on articles you link to which contributes your value to the reference.

Coaches deliver the highest value by revealing insights. Focus on the topic and shed an insight on a method that may address that topic, where it is being used, why it is respected, and how you’ve used it or coached others in using it to become more capable with that topic.

  • Refrain from submitting press releases, abstracts, outlines or pitches. Pitches for events are promoted through the calendar.

  • All content should be presented in such a way that viewers can learn and take actionable steps that will help them solve their challenges. Most topics required some level of coaching to adapt a learning to a user’s style or situation, and many topics are skills that benefit from a series of coaching sessions for 1-1 or small group instruction and feedback.

  • Long topics can be submitted as multi-part submissions. Break up very long or connected topics as parts in a series when applicable.

Branding Policy


Your Own URLs & Publishing

Don’t show links to your content or websites published elsewhere. Publish relevant work you’d like to share with Members on MyT.


Other Logos or Brands

Do not include brands or logos on your materials. Feel free to display your profile name, and the MyT logo if you like, on your content.



Contributions reflect on the coach and on MyT. Remember to spell and grammar check before submitting, to “put your best foot forward”.

Delivering a consistent grade of content, in which MyT and MyT coaches deliver high-quality benefits all parties, especially MyT members.

  • Avoid any profanity or questionable language.

  • Many of members have international origins or locations, so keep that in mind when using slang or highly regionalized references.

  • Do not disparage competing services, coaches or institutions.

  • When comparing a preferred coaching technique to an alternative coaching technique, a coach looks more credible when they can present comparisons as objectively as possible. Consider identifying some of the positives of alternatives technique (assuming there are some), while promoting the advantages of the technique you prefer. Mentioning alternative techniques is always optional.


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Here are a few reminders:

  • The editorial team will review your blog
  • Every attempt will be made to approve content, though some content may need to be modified by the coach to address branding, topic or content issues.
  • Editors reserve the right to publish contributed content as it is, or with changes, including text, titles and images, for style, tone, substance or SEO.
  • The editors treat publishing content as a top priority, though turnaround is dependent on many factors and timing.
  • Accepted content contributors will be notified by email, so coaches should monitor the email they use with MyT for status.
  • Contributed content will get promoted by MyT, and coaches are encouraged to promote that same content in their own channels.
  • will determine the specific promotion approaches for each contributed content item.
  • Coaches can be credited with their own byline and short bio. Bio can identify your credentials and track record for coaching on the topic of the content submitted.

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