General - FAQ

Can I write a guest post on MyT?

There will be opportunities for members to contribute posts and comments on MyT, and to keep the user experiences uncluttered and easy to use, those opportunities will be provided during specific events intended to capture inputs, achievements and ideas useful to the clients, coaches and platform.

I'm trying to contact someone at MyT, where do I go?

Always start with when you are stuck and need guidance on where to find a resource, how to use a process or any other concern or feedback. We are committed to continuous improvement and consider every contact a new opportunity for MyT to improve and respond.

I want to work at MyT! How do I apply?

We will eventually be posting career opportunities at MyT. In the meantime, if you have a proposal on how you’d like to be a part of our team, we are “all ears and eyes” to explore opportunities with ambitious and skillful talents.

How do I report a bug or an issue on the site?

Always start with when you find something not working as you feel it should or any other concern or feedback. We are committed to continuous improvement and consider every contact a new opportunity for MyT to improve and respond.

Who should I contact with press inquiries?

Always start with with press or partnering inquiries. The admin team has continuous contact with the MyT senior leaders, and has priority to respond to opportunities.

Coaching - FAQ

What should I expect from the Resume Review or Resume and LinkedIn Review Services?

Look for a coach that includes this service in their profile and coaching tag under the profile. It will say “Review Resume & LinkedIn Profile”. You can request an hour to review your resume and include the resume or the link to the LinkedIn URL in your request. In that request, include insights as to what kinds of opportunities you are targeting with the resume or the URL. The coach will have used 30 minutes of that 60 minute session reading through the resume or the LinkedIn URL in advance, to take notes and prepare for the booked session. During the booked session, you will have 30 minutes to hear the comments and suggestions of the coach and decide if further time needs to be booked for this purpose. You might agree that the coach adds or modifies the resume or agrees to review your edits on the next version of the resume or LinkedIn profile. The coach will tell you how much time to book in your next request related to this activity during this first review call. Some coaches may offer to rewrite or modify the resume directly, and let you know how many sessions you need to book for their efforts on this.

How does Coach Search work?

Clients can search for coaches offering domain specific insights, guidance or skills training within the Coach page on the MyT homepage.

  1. There is a word cloud that indicates the proportion of coaching focus for specific topics by the coaches in the gallery. Click on a topic to get search results revealing which coaches include that topic in their focus. Larger words and phrases have more coaches focused on those topics, and smaller words and phrases have fewer coaches focused on those topics. Topics with fewer coaches tend to be more specialized, and with more narrow coaching demand by the members.
  2. There is alsoa keyword search bar.Type in terms for a coaching topic of interest, or some other relevant aspect, to generate search results among the coaches that match what you entered.
I’ve never done anything like this. What should I expect?

This is an important step, and a serious commitment to your own development. You can expect to receive broad and impactful guidance and support from the coaches, and combine that with the content (articles & videos) and training offered through MyT. Expect to discover contributions from expert coaches and trainers and opportunities to engage in events, along with new content and events posted frequently to drive professional development and results.

Which coach/service do I need?

Every professional’s journey is unique, and the uniqueness of delivers the flexibility of content and support resources for each client’s individual needs. Exposure to the various coaches, each with their unique professional experiences and skills allows each client blend their engagement with these different coaches to fit their own requirements. For clients needing to identify their career development needs, there areMyT coaches specialized in working with clients to identify needs and developing plans.Other coaches within MyT are there to work with clients in building specific skills, preparing for key meetings and discussions, and making important decisions in which having access to experts leads to better outcomes.

How long does it take to start working with the coach?

After you’ve set yourself up with a MyT membership, you can immediately search among the coaches for your coaching needs. When you’ve identified your coaches, you can compare what the coaches charge, and consult their calendars within the platform, and then reach out with your request for a time and day they have indicated is open for sessions with MyT clients.

Do you offer complimentary calls with coaches prior to booking?

The coaches do provide considerable complimentary coaching through their free sessions that are sometimes open to non-members, where they cover a coaching topic and discuss coaching philosophies, insights and skills. They also are accessible through articles they write, seminars they host and training classes they deliver. Much of this can be experienced by non-members in the Member Resources page, and on the MyT free seminars that are also open to non-members. The coaches also go through great pains to describe their backgrounds and approaches to coaching along with domains of expertise in their MyT coaching profiles.

Why are some coaches more expensive than others?

There are many factors that go into each coach’s decisions on setting their rates for coaching. In some cases, a coach may have some significant credentials or specialization that merits higher hourly rates with the members. In other cases, rates reflect availability for coaching, and with rates driving the quantity of session requests. Coaches control their posted rates and can post different rates over time. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

MyT accepts credit cards and Stripe for paying membership and fees for training programs.

Do you offer payment plans?

At this time, MyT does not offer payment plans, but does offer three ways for clients to experience coaching: 1) The Gold Membership which provides the highest level of credits along with 12 months of MyT portal access, and represents the best value for professionals, 2) The Silver Membership which provides a lower level of credits with 6 months of access, along with a lower total price to get started, and 3) Urgent Coaching Service, which provides fast access to a coach in response to an immediate need for guidance for the low rate of $500 for an hour of support.

What countries are MyT’s services available in?

MyT is generally available in most countries, and only restricted where specifically prohibited by US government regulations.

I’ve booked a session, but I haven’t heard from my coach. What should I do?

Whenever you encounter any unexpected challenges on MyT, and need information, guidance or support in using the platform, contact immediately. We are committed to providing you the best services deliverable within the scope of MyT.

What happens if I do not enjoy the service? Can I get a refund?

MyT provides the broadest range of coaches, and combines that with articles, videos and training content for professionals committed to advancing their career along their goals. If you cannot determine the best way for you to experience results on MyT, then contact and we will arrange discussion with a member of the management to get you started properly within the platform.

How can I become a coach at MyT?

There is a tab on the homepage that accepts applications for coaches. MyT is open to requests from qualified coaches that bring differentiated experience and insights into the portfolio, and those motivated to deliver results for clients.

Are there different types of coaching?

Yes. MyT coaches can focus on their experience in the industry, as executives and C-Suite executives, they can also focus their approaches on coaching certifications and career oriented assessment methods, and they can also focus on developing very specific high value skills among the clients with whom they work.

What is the difference between career coaching and life coaching?

Career coaching focuses on enhancing oneself for the workplace and developing the insights and skills that drive effectiveness and results professionally. Life coaching adds elements of coaching to discover balance, happiness and results that address broader goals. Although life coaching is not the primary focus of MyT at this time, there are coaches focused on Life coaching within MyT.

How much does coaching cost?

MyT runs on a credits system, where clients purchase a package of credits in a bundle, and then use those credits for coaching sessions and other offers within MyT. A standard rate for coaching is 50 credits, which equates roughly to $300, though coaches can set their rates above or below those rates.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

Coaching is a process, combined with training and self-study, it becomes part of a discipline the most committed professionals use to continue their growth and achievement along their career path to achieve goals and reach new levels of effectiveness. The specific blend of these elements varies from one professional to the next and is determined by the ambitions and pace each person sets for themselves. Some will choose periodic coaching, while others will choose regular coaching. Coaching can be used to set direction, make significant changes to mindsets and plans, solicit feedback, get support on self-assessments, learn new skills, prepare for important events, get support on difficult situations, and many other aspects of performance and effectiveness. The power of MyT is to support each individual professional’s individual needs at the pace and in the blend of support they require.

How is the coaching administered?

Clients interested in session with a specific coach will review the calendar on that coach’s profile and look for a time slot generally allocated for coaching on MyT. The client will add some comments in the form of a request, expressing what they would like to cover in the session, perhaps some outcomes they are pursuing, and any high-level background information they feel pertinent for the coach to understand and then send their request. The coach will receive the alert in their inbox, and accept, decline or propose an alternate set of time slots according to the situation. If the coaches feels that another MyT coach has better specialization on the topic in the request, the coach may refer the client to that other coach. It is one of the unique powers of MyT.

What requirements are needed for a MyT coach?

As the needs of the clients are diverse, so are the backgrounds of the MyT coaches. In general, MyT brings together a blend of industry leadership and expertise, certifications and coaching experience and skill domain expertise from those with strong track records in achieving results by working with professionals to grow and develop in their careers.

Accounts - FAQ

How do I create an account with MyT?

Whether you wish to subscribe to the MyT newsletter and alerts or wish to join as a member, you will provide some basic information about yourself, along with your email address. Membership will require some additional information provided about yourself and your location, along with the purchase of a membership package.

How do I change my email address?

Users can change the email associated with their individual profile in the user account screen on MyT.

How do I retrieve my lost password and get a new one?

You can request a password reset on the login screen of MyT, and a reset link will be sent to the email address stored in the member’s profile.

Does MyT sell information about its users to third parties?

MyT does not provide or sell client information to third parties, without the express permission of each individual client. For any events with third parties that may require providing client information as a condition of participation, clients will be alerted of that requirement prior to registration.

How do I close my account?

Members can send a written request to to have accounts closed, and those who aren’t members that request to unsubscribe from the MyT Newsletter will no longer receive communications from MyT unless they re-subscribe.

What to do when memberships expire with credits remaining?

When a subscriber’s membership expires with credits remaining, the subscriber is still able to search the coach gallery and experience coaching sessions through the MyT coach booking calendar. They do lose the privileges that are provided by memberships, such as full access to members only articles, membership only events and group coaching sessions. Anyone can buy and use credits as non-members, as long as they continue to observe the terms and policies that apply.