General - FAQ

There will be opportunities for members to contribute posts and comments on MyT, and to keep the user experiences uncluttered and easy to use, those opportunities will be provided during specific events intended to capture inputs, achievements and ideas useful to the clients, coaches and platform.

Coaching - FAQ

Look for a coach that includes this service in their profile and coaching tag under the profile. It will say “Review Resume & LinkedIn Profile”. You can request an hour to review your resume and include the resume or the link to the LinkedIn URL in your request. In that request, include insights as to what kinds of opportunities you are targeting with the resume or the URL. The coach will have used 30 minutes of that 60 minute session reading through the resume or the LinkedIn URL in advance, to take notes and prepare for the booked session. During the booked session, you will have 30 minutes to hear the comments and suggestions of the coach and decide if further time needs to be booked for this purpose. You might agree that the coach adds or modifies the resume or agrees to review your edits on the next version of the resume or LinkedIn profile. The coach will tell you how much time to book in your next request related to this activity during this first review call. Some coaches may offer to rewrite or modify the resume directly, and let you know how many sessions you need to book for their efforts on this.

Accounts - FAQ

Whether you wish to subscribe to the MyT newsletter and alerts or wish to join as a member, you will provide some basic information about yourself, along with your email address. Membership will require some additional information provided about yourself and your location, along with the purchase of a membership package.