“As a trained engineer, I had been trained to use data and facts to influence others. With concepts learned here, my new mindset and skills enable building relationships, expanding networks and becoming an effective leader that gets results through others.”

“Using what I learned, I have already developed 2 mentors in my company to help develop my career.”

“Professionals use coaches, amateurs don’t. We are lucky to have these coaches with their industry experience to be our own coaches.”

Engineering Leader Semiconductors


“I highly recommend this. It has been a perfect complement to my Ivy League MBA.”

“This is extremely helpful to any Chinese American professionals, because it addresses many cultural differences, some of them subtle, all of them impactful.”

Vice President of R&D BioTech


“One key skill acquired and now use many times per day is to manage up. It has really had impact for me. Every has skills to learn and improve, and I keep growing.”

“I would highly recommend this to all hard working professionals who want to move up the corporate ladder.”

“We develop the awareness and skills to work smarter and find the right paths for our promotion.”

Marketing Leader High Tech


“It has been an amazing journey to interact and learn from the coaches here.”

“I learned effective communication skills from them, which improved effectiveness with supervisors and peers.”

“The coaching provided the perspectives and skills to build strong relationships and influence others, which turned me into a strong leader within my organization.”

Director Product Management Software Platforms


“I want to recommend this because they have brought together many influential leaders from industry, and they really brought a difference to my life.”

Development Leader Software Industry


“I recommend this to professionals who want to grow leadership skills and build their career.”

Director Internet Equipment


“Actionable skills and advice. For example, how to conduct Zoom meetings and have your presence come across properly, as well as learning how to get your messages across to audiences in a clear and persuasive way. ”

“I learned techniques and skills I apply everyday, which is really invaluable.”

“I am developing a management toolkit, including communication skills, time management, leading meetings, and many other important capabilities.”

Principal Research Scientist Biotech


“This empowered me and changed my mindset. ”

“I learned practical tools that helped me to achieve my professional goals.”
“Within 4 months I was able to negotiate a 25% increase in my compensation package.”

“I highly recommend this because I learned practical skills and received advice from knowledgeable coaches with industry experience.”

Program Leader & PhD New Energy


“I really recommend this to Chinese American professionals especially, since they also offer training, activities and coaching in Chinese.”

“The coaches that work with Chinese members are very knowledgeable, understand Chinese culture, workplace challenges and strengths so they provide practical and thoughtful solutions. ”

“They offer networking events, training and coaching that provides skills and support.”

Director Internet Equipment