Addison Hosner

Licensed attorney, coaching professionals for effectiveness in conflict resolution and disputes

Hourly coaching credit rate: 50


I am a Florida attorney and founder of The Hosner Law Group, PLLC. I have developed a specialty in conflict resolution, which in addition to delivering superior legal results with the cases of my clients has allowed me to coach my clients into developing the skills needed to avoid the escalation of conflicts that work against the interests of all parties. I have decided to offer my coaching to clients in so they can apply these various skills in their professional roles to become more effective in collaboration and generating favorable outcomes in their careers.

The areas of coaching I intend to offer are:

  1. Conflict Resolution: the combination of behaviors, skills and tactics professionals can use to avoid escalating tensions around points of disagreement between parties needing resolution in a disagreement, a negotiation or difference in perspectives. Any person driving results within and for an organization will find numerous opportunities for conflict, so having these skills will allow them to resolve more issues amicably, rapidly, and favorably while others without these skills find themselves bogged down in protracted conflicts which damage both parties and their relationships. Though I coach this on for career purposes with professionals and executives, it is also extremely useful in personal life as well. For example, it is a key component in my Family Law Practice, which minimizes the issues arising from Divorce Court for both parties, sometimes even mitigating the need for Divorce Court, or even a divorce.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: A key component in dealing with conflict situations with other parties is how we react in stressful situations. Through my training, and my experience in using this training with my clients in my legal practice, I can coach clients in methods for preparing for situations that can be stressful and presenting a calm and collected image in the face of aggression. My techniques give my clients the ability to engage with others and accepting the messages, while delivering assertive yet calming messages that identify their own requirements without escalating situations into deeper hostility and higher stakes for both parties.
  3. Executive Presence: As an extension of coaching clients on Emotional Intelligence, my methods strengthen the executive presence of my clients in the face of other parties during exchanges where issues are discussed. This has given my clients the advantage in discussing their issues and commanding respect and authority in meetings with other parties, in courtrooms and in a variety of situations. This would be useful for any professional that is trying to work on their professional brand and their executive presence in the workplace.

Fundamental to what I coach is the understanding that between parties with different interests, disputes are inevitable. Treating disputes like a zero-sum game is a choice, and often detrimental to the desired outcomes of all concerned parties. Whether discussing an issue with a business partner, negotiating a contract or compensation package, dealing with a breach of contract or a pressing family matter, my methods are effective tools in identifying the core issues, reframing disputes, and utilizing logic and reason over emotion and bias to bring parties together.

I have a very strong track record in coaching my legal clients and am looking forward to having impact with clients in For example, working in family law, I have worked on many disputes that were at the brink of total collapse and failures in collaboration. Using my methods, we defused hostilities and resolved conflicts with minimal or sometimes no court intervention. These are the skills that can be applied in a professional or personal setting to start down a path of conflict mitigation and ultimately, resolution.

My experience with a diverse community of peers on personal and professional levels provided opportunities to work on an array of different conflict challenges and opportunities. Having lived in different parts of the USA, including Washington, D.C., I have had the pleasure of meeting a litany of professionals ranging in backgrounds and upbringings that allowed me to tailor litigation and conflict resolution strategies to each individual client and perfect my coaching style to develop effective resolvers of conflict with high emotional intelligence and executive presence.

B.A. | Florida Atlantic University | Multimedia Journalism

M.S. | Creighton University School of Law | Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

M.S. | Creighton University School of Law | Government Organization & Leadership

J.D. | Creighton University School of Law | Juris Doctor