Eliza Wang

Professional coach in leadership, career and transaction management.

Hourly coaching credit rate: 50


Eliza has worked for diversified companies, such as consulting firms, MNCs and startups around the globe over 23 years. “It gave me a well-rounded, accumulated rich industry knowledge and broad view to grow to be an executive and entrepreneur”.

She started as an accountant, who eventually transformed into a senior leader in Human Resources, and management consulting. For the last 2 years she has enjoyed a 3rd career as a successful entrepreneur launching and growing consulting and coaching businesses with her partners and clients.

I really enjoy coaching, because I can leverage my broad and deep industry and leadership experiences to engage, equip and empower my clients to be a better leader and better person. 

Eliza’s executive coaching draws from having built a successful management consulting and leadership coaching company, by delivering management consulting services with her partners. She got the opportunities to empower the core founder team to grow their leadership starting from a business manager to a chiasma leader.

Eliza has coached so many leaders from how to do effective potential offers negotiation to design a long-term career growth strategy.

One of my favorite topics is teaching others how to use the wheel of life (Financial & Career, Family & Home, Spiritual & Ethical, Physical & Health, Mental & Education, Social & Culture) to overview their holistic life as an overall perspective. The more we use our time wisely, the more we will grow to be an effective leader and to have a peaceful and joyful life.

Eliza has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and MBA programs, on a broad range of topics, from woman leadership to art of parenting, from career building to life transformation, and many more.

Eliza has her master’s in management (MBA) from the University of Maryland’s The Robert H. Smith School of Business. 

She is certified Advanced Coach with ICA.