Michale Estrada

Columbia University Head of Learning and Development Initiatives

Hourly coaching credit rate: 60


Michale currently serves as the Head of Learning and Development Initiatives at Columbia University.
Michale is a seasoned expert in adult learning, boasting an eclectic portfolio of clients ranging from high-ranking executives at financial giants like Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, to ambitious students across a spectrum of universities. His expertise spans across a kaleidoscope of professional fields, owing to his multifaceted experience in the job market.

In addition to being a consummate career coach, Michale is also an accomplished meditation guru and a practicing multi-disciplinary artist. These unique talents coalesce to form the bedrock of his innovative coaching methodology.

Michale masterfully infuses abstract exercises into his coaching sessions to stimulate divergent thinking, propelling leaders to new heights in strategic decision making. He employs reflective questioning techniques, promotes vulnerability, and instructs on the use of body language and emotional regulation to swiftly alter the atmosphere and energy of any space.

Harnessing the power of art, Michale provides a fresh perspective on how perception can be a potent tool, empowering individuals to view problems and solutions from novel angles. But perhaps the crown jewel of his approach lies in his application of meditation and mindfulness principles.

Michale’s mindful training enables individuals to remain anchored in the present, promotes response over reaction, and effectively neutralizes the dominance of the ego. These teachings act as powerful stress reducers, while simultaneously boosting productivity and engagement. They are instrumental in fostering a psychologically safe environment where individuals thrive, succeed, and grow.