Michelle Zou

Results for clients that combine the achievement of career successes while living happier lives

Hourly coaching credit rate: 60


Michelle Zou is an executive, team and career coach that has driven results with leaders, teams and professionals. These results have included achieving business goals, career successes and living happier lives that combine fulfillment at work and personal enrichment. She is an ICF certified professional coach with PCC credential and has coached over 1,000 clients since 2014.  

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Michelle’s coaching passion is bringing the best out of her clients, letting them discover purpose and enabling their growth towards their potential. Focusing on client objectives, she combines her rich knowledge of career development and experiences in business leadership with the field of happiness studies and positive psychology. This combination enables her to coach clients through a journey of discovery and growing into “the best of you”.

Michelle 30 years’ of experience in the technology industry and has included leadership roles at Microsoft, DELL/EMC, HP, IDC, etc. Currently she is also a coach and trainer at Microsoft, trainer at Happiness Studies Academy, Founder & CEO at Pacific Technologies Consulting Group, Founder of Microsoft Alumni Network China Chapter, Founder at HSA Graduate & Business Club, mentor at SCORE, and advisor at several startups. 

Michelle holds an MBA and MS in Finance, various trainer certifications in leadership and management, coaching certifications and credentials such as ICF PCC, iPEC CPC, EL-MP, CLDS,  NeuroLeadership Institute Brain Based Conversation, Happiness Studies Academy Trainer, Team Coaching Practitioner, etc.