What Are You Waiting For? 2022 Job Market Update

What Are You Waiting For? 2022 Job Market Update

The pandemic has resulted in lasting fissures in the global economy, displacing millions from their jobs and causing the largest economic crash since the Great Recession that had ended in 2009. The world and the economy have changed forever, however, the recent employment recovery has been miraculous.

There has never been a better time for the ambitious and the able to seek employment. Are you looking???

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About Cathy Peng

Every day I work directly with coaching clients, candidates for executive roles and hiring teams engaged in critical searches for their compelling teams. I bring my decades of experience as a leader at fortune 500 companies, cutting edge start-ups and a C-Suite executive in the company I founded to mentor, guide and develop professionals and executives in different functions and across a broad range of industries. At MyT I have the opportunity to share some insights online, and to work one-on-one with those who want options and solutions specific to their unique needs and opportunities. I am here for them. I started as an engineer in China, climbed the ladder to become a sales & marketing leader in big companies, and went on to the C-Suite in successful start-ups. I am now the CEO of ROCS Global, Inc, a consulting and executive recruiting company that is working with the most dynamic companies to expand and globalize...