11 Strategic Steps to Preserve Your Career Before The Recession Hits

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People get their current jobs, usually during “good times”, times of growth and excitement, and settle in for a long ride. We are in one of those times where perhaps “hard times” are distant memories and for the younger professionals reading this not an experience with which they are even familiar.

This article is for you. For all of you. Even if you think you have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow at work, we are likely heading into some rough seas in the economy, which means that even the fast growing companies are going to see noticeable changes if not employment impact.

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Marc is an executive at a fast growing pre-IPO company, with decades of experience as a marketing and business development executive with global corporations and start-ups. He has mentored many subordinates, peers and coaching clients to achieve favorable outcomes and goals with his insights and instruction. One of his favorite topics is crafting and delivering excellent communications. "Communications is the skill that multiplies effectiveness. Strong communications moves resources to achieve, while weak communications undermines even the best plans and efforts of the strongest individuals and organizations."