Jun Huang

I help young professionals step up their game and nail a promotion, and their next one

Hourly coaching credit rate: 70


Country: United States

Primary Language: English

Secondary Coaching Language: Chinese

We’ve all spent years in schools and universities, and we took it as granted that there is always someone, teachers or professors, that we can lean on when we need answers. At work, it isn’t exactly that. 

Have you ever felt confused about or afraid of what you need to do? Having difficulties with co-workers or your boss? Feeling pigeonholed and not getting enough chances to grow? What to do after landing a promotion?…

Our career is rarely straightforward. We can always choose to explore by ourselves, but having someone, who readily understands your struggles and works closely with you, makes the journey miles more enjoyable and enables you to progress faster.

I help young professionals in the 20’s, 30’s or early 40’s find your passion, remove hurdles, and work efficiently and effectively, so that you are eager to wake up and go to work.

I’m a VP of R&D, but merely 9 years ago, I started out my career as a scientist. Those memories of struggles of early career are fresh, and the challenges you are facing are vivid to me. No matter you work in startup, medium size, or large companies, I’m experienced. Let me help you.

Perhaps you’ve taken the initiatives and attended career development webinars. Kudos to you! Perhaps even though you think there’s great information, your work situation hasn’t improved nearly as much as you hoped for. Knowledge isn’t power. It has the potential to be power, rather it’s the right actions we take on knowledge that is power. My approach not only gives you the personalized knowledge you need, we ensure you act on it, and do so well. Let me help you.

I don’t see you as a generic young professional with X years of experience and work in Y industry that needs a generic Z stack of info or guidance. I see you –you are unique, your co-workers and boss are unique, your situation is unique, and your goals are unique. That’s why I strive to provide tailored private coaching, and make it affordable. Let me help you.

In my coaching, strategy and execution go hand in hand. For example, a Pharma Scientist wanted to transition to the management track but the barrier in her company is particularly high. We brainstormed and proposed work initiatives to her manager and crafted multiple messages (how you say is often more critical than what you say), which brought her manager to our side. Her manager in turn went above and beyond and worked out a transition plan with HR. Now, not only she is in the management track, but she already progressed to be an Associate Director. 

I am a life-long learner. I earned my MBA from Wharton at PENN, PhD from Rutgers, and I’m pursuing coach training at Columbia to augment my real-world experience with coach science. I strive to improve from my yesterday self so I can better help you.

What do you or your loved ones want to improve? What problems do you wish to solve? Book a session today!