Small Group Coaching Explained

MyT.Coach offers a wide range of training and coaching programs with a diverse set of coaches and facilitators that can offer the best possible support systems for our clients’ pursuit of their career goals. We suggest that you leverage the coaches as your own board of directors providing insights and support needed to maximize your…

About George Mui

George Mui specializes in providing career management seminars and coaching session for Chinese/Asian American professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. He is currently the management partner of Global Consultants United, a management consulting group whose services include multi-cultural management and executive training.

To provide practical career management training for large groups and one-on-one career coaching, George leverages his practical professional experiences and knowledge acquired in a long and successful career that spanned 40 years in technical and business management executive positions in a Fortune 100 company, his own management consulting firm, and non-profit advocacy organizations. George also worked in U.S. Government agencies including the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.