Demystifying Minority & Women Business Certification Part II – Resources

Introduction: This is part II of three. A series of articles offering a comprehensive review of minority and women business certification and the supplier diversity programs. Definition – Provides a basic definition and high-level understanding of the Minority & Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification. Resources – Identify available resources by business advocacy organizations and government…

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Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

As part of MyT.Coach  advocacy service for the Asian Pacific American community, Coach George Mui spoke at the Bridge Bio Asian Pacific American heritage celebration on May 12, 2022, via Zoom. Sixty plus took part in a hybrid in-person/virtual event. The request came from a MyT.Coach member and a participant in the MyT-Coach online seminar…

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Art of Networking Part IV – Age of Social Media

Introduction “Definition of networking – the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. Specifically:  the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business” “Networking, Networking, and Networking – how to leverage it to maximize career objectives and job performance” – stated as one of the key elements on career management in… LOG IN TO READ MORE

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Art of Networking Part III 

“Networking” is often referred as the not-so-secret formula for success in everything in Career Management by mentors, coaches, and even professional trainers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what that really means. It is almost second nature for someone who are outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. It is difficult to achieve effective results and impact. Networking event often turns in social gathering. They have fun for the moment without any return on the time investment for their career. For those who are more reserved and less outgoing, they often let others take charge of the conversation and forget why they are there in the first place.

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George Mui Will be the Keynote Speaker at BridgeBio

George Chunkau Mui, one of the MyT.Coach coaches, will be speaking at BridgeBio as the Asia Pacific American Heritage as the Keynote Speaker on May 12, 2022. This special event in honor of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is hosted by the Asian@Bridge organization, an Asian American employee resource group. Located in Palo Alto,…

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Art of Career Transition

Introduction Career transition – To realize one’s maximum career potential, there will be a fair number of transitions. Transition can be movement within the same career as in promotion, lateral movement for job enrichment or professional development. One may be switching to different industry sectors such as corporate, non-profit organizations, education institutions, or government services.… LOG IN TO READ MORE

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Small Group Coaching Explained

MyT.Coach offers a wide range of training and coaching programs with a diverse set of coaches and facilitators that can offer the best possible support systems for our clients’ pursuit of their career goals. We suggest that you leverage the coaches as your own board of directors providing insights and support needed to maximize your…

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Art of Closing the  Deal – FAQ Series 3

Art of Closing The Deal

This article shares frequently asked questions and answers from Coach George Mui on various topics on his presentation on the Art of Closing the Deal on Career Management.
Each series will have five such segments. Use the comment field to offer your thoughts or additional questions on the same topics:
COMMUNICATION – How does one generate the impression of confidence and assertiveness, without going too far to become selfish, entitled, and arrogant?

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Art of Networking Seminar – 3/26/2022- Post Show Report

Art of Networking

Organized by an MyT.Coach Member, Ms. Jihua Wang of Chicago, MyT.Coach coaches Cathy Peng and George Mui conducted a small group coaching session on the “Art of Networking” in Chicago, IL on March 26, 2022. Coach George Mui shared insights on the “What”, “Why”, “When”, “Where” and most importantly on the “How” of Networking. Participants…

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