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The MyT network of coaches includes a diverse variety of providers with varied backgrounds, availabilities, specialties and degrees of expertise.

Some are professional coaches with certificates in coaching and some having leadership in corporations. Others are executives who make time to coach using their deep and broad experiences to guide and develop high potential individuals seeking effectiveness. Lastly, there are experts who specialize in communications, job search support, marketing, legal and other fields for specific support to MyT members.

Each coach identifies their areas of expertise and fees for specific support. Members can see the details for each coach after joining.


All approved MyT coaches are on display below. Refine the selection by searching in either of two methods available below. Either method will refine your view of which coaches match your search on selected coaching topics.

1) Discover coaches matching your search interest by entering term(s) in the KEYWORD search bar:

Maria Anastasiou

Certified Career Coach, Bringing Clients to Satisfaction Through Values and Aspirations.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 33

Jun Huang

I help young professionals step up their game and nail a promotion, and their next one
Hourly coaching credit rate: 70

Marc Naddell

Know yourself. Know situations. You won't fear outcomes of pursuing your goals.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50

Joseph Rios

Coaching others to communicate with charisma: to be seen, acknowledged and remembered.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 60

Cathy Peng

Impossible = I'm possible. Coaching on making things happen through situational awareness, leadership and personal confidence.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50

Katie Wong

Achieve a fulfilling life with a rewarding career aligned to your values.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 20

Selena Yuan

Drive transformational change through purpose, intention, and self awareness.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 70

Gary Xiao

With a wealth of expertise in finance and governance, Gary brings a unique perspective to his coaching practice. Prior to embarking on his coaching career, he honed his skills as a Chief Financial Officer and board director, accumulating a deep understanding of corporate dynamics and strategic decision-making.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 45

JingJing Xu

Certified in career and nutrition, to improve your presence in the workplace. Strengthening energy, sleep, health, fitness and appearance.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50

Michale Estrada

Columbia University Head of Learning and Development Initiatives
Hourly coaching credit rate: 60

Jennifer Jin

Passionate coach driving career excellence with professionals in China and the USA
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50

Yinan Gu

Entrepreneurship, Business speech, Sales management and happiness coach
Hourly coaching credit rate: 80


Hourly coaching credit rate: 42

Marlene Ye

Achieving the next level of success through self-awareness and behavior transformation
Hourly coaching credit rate: 83

Fred Ma

“Seasoned Executive Helping Experienced Professionals Address Challenges”
Hourly coaching credit rate: 60

Michelle Zou

Results for clients that combine the achievement of career successes while living happier lives
Hourly coaching credit rate: 60

George Mui

Learn the Art of Closing the Deal in Career Management
Hourly coaching credit rate: 60

Addison Hosner

Licensed attorney, coaching professionals for effectiveness in conflict resolution and disputes
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50

Dongkai Shangguan

Leverage my executive experiences for the transformation of specialists to leaders
Hourly coaching credit rate: 70

Eliza Wang

Professional coach in leadership, career and transaction management.
Hourly coaching credit rate: 50